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Position in the organisation:
Founding member of MCE S.L.
Expert Control Methodologies
Date of Birth: 14-12-1960.
Nationality: Spanish.
Address: Río Narcea, nº 17 Bajo.
33209 Gijón, Asturias.
Telephone and Fax:
(+34) 985 160 467

Industrial Technical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid - 1983

Masters in Business Management and Communications, Cerem - 1998

Insurance Appraiser for Fire
and Other Risks.
Motor Vehicle Insurance Appraiser.
Pleasure Boat Insurance Appraiser.
Degree in Risk Verification - Cepreven.

English: Average - High Level
French: Average Level
Catalan: Average Level


I founded and began activity in MCE S.L. as an Insurance Appraiser in Fire and Others Risk in large value and complex claims throughout Spain.

Office Manager for the Allianz Insurance Appraisal Coordination Department, in charge of the Car and Others Appraisal Office, assigned Appraisers Network, Asset Recuperation Suppliers and Cause Analyst - Fire Investigations.

Manager of the Allianz Insurance Diverse Appraisals Office, in charge of the Diverse Appraisals Network and the rest of the Related Service Suppliers.

Director of the Appraisal Inspection and Control Department for AGF - Union Fenix. In charge of the Risk Inspectors, Technicians and Appraisal Coordinators Central and Area Network, as well as the Car and Other Appraisals Networks.

In charge of Appraisal Coordination of Cars and Transport at La Union and El Fenix Spain. I also coordinated the Appraisal Technician Team as well as the Appraisal Networks assigned to Cars and Transport.

Cars and Fire and Diverse Risks Appraiser at La Union and El Fenix Spain.

Car Expert for Mapfre Mutual Insurance Company.

Maintenance technician - 1st skilled worker in the Peugeot factory (previously Chrysler Barreiros) in Villaverde, Madrid.


Since I began working as an instructor for appraisal courses at La Union and El Fenix in 1994, I have developed the training activities in the appraiser technician field up until the present date.

Up until 2009, I developed various internal training courses at Allianz for Brokers and technical appraisers.
University of Barcelona and Industrial Technical Engineers School Board:
Since 2008, Academic Director of the Appraisers Postgraduate of Fire and Diverse Risks, 350 hour on-line Masters in collaboration with IL3 (Continuous Training Institute of the University of Barcelona and INESE (Insurance Studies Institute).

I also took part as a Tutor and Teacher in various subjects.
The courses start in October and end in June of the following year.

INESE: Since 2002 up until the present date, I have collaborated with INESE in the preparing and teaching
of face-to-face Postgraduate Courses for Car, Fire and Other Risks and Pleasure Boat Insurance Appraisers.
I have also taken part in and taught various Loss of Benefits and Appraiser Report Preparation monographic courses.

ICEA: Teacher of Fire and Other Risk Insurance Appraiser Course. Teacher of a Claims Management Course.
Vehicle Investigation Centre, Zaragoza Centre: Developing and teaching Technical Classes in Insurance Expertise in Auto appraisers from 2002 until 2007.

As a student, I have attended a multitude of courses in various training centres:
Cesvimap, Cepreven, ICEA, INESE, Zaragoza Centre and other training centres, to ensure that I am up to date in my field, and to continue renewing my knowledge, which is vital for an adequate development in my profession.

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