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Following decades of professional development, MCE was born with the commitment to offer the market professional and independent services in the field of insurance appraisals, as well as the support and technical advice to the problems within the sector that demand specialist solutions.

The evolution of the insurance market and customer needs means that MCE is permanently growing, in both services as well as its network of qualified professionals, which has led them to become an extensive multidisciplinary team, covering insurance appraisals in all environments and specialities, being able to provide services to customers who demand both mass appraisals, with a high number of claims, as well as individual, complex appraisals for fire incidents, technical insurance and other risks and where cars are involved.

The services provided by MCE are adjusted in each case to the customer´s specific needs in order to provide fast solutions, of high technical quality and high specialisation, including the adjustment and liquidation of all types of claims.

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